Retro Hip-Hop, Pop, and R&B With a Fresh Twist



I will start out by saying that God gave me this incredible ability to hear music and to come up with lyrics to complement the sound immediately. There is no stuttering. I hear a beat and my mind can hear the lyrics in a far off place. I sit at my microphone slowly pulling out the words that I can’t hear right to the forefront. Any style, any genre. If it moves me, I am listening. And if I am listening, I am creating. I have melodies in my head for countless songs that I have written that I have yet to bring to life. I regret not following up with playing the piano since I was little. My only consolation is that God helped me make up for it by allowing me to add my voice to music to make hit songs…songs that touch people in a personal way. I make music for the people. I make music with the hope that I am making someone’s favorite song.

I’m soulful and real. I’m an artist that considers her words very carefully and has an appreciation for┬ámusic of all types and people of all backgrounds. My heart is on display for everyone to see. There is no secret about my love and passion for music. I live it, eat it, breathe it. Each night I go to bed and it’s the same prayer- I ask that whatever it is that God wants for me, to let it be done. I am with His plan. I am versatile and honest and I am about making music that will touch people.

Music = Life.


Not Your Average Girl- Release 2009

Jukebox- Hit Play- Release 2011

Deltona’s Finest- Release 2012

If Your Body- Single – Release 2013